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Age To Start Immunity Boosting

The earliest age to start Immunity Boosting programs is at (1) month of age or more for infants. Programs can be started in children at any age. This homeopathic method is 100% safe, non-toxic and non-injected and boosts natural immunity. Immunity boosting is the intelligent option for infants, children and all ages. Contact us to begin a program for your infant or child.

baby_newborn All remedies used for all programs are highly diluted, non-toxic and stimulate the body’s immune system.
Homeopathic remedies used are 100% safe.

Age to Start Immunity Boosting

  • The Children’s Program can begin at infancy, at one (1) month of age or t any time for any age for child.
  • The dosing schedule for infants begins with the most dangerous disease for infants and is done  first for Pertussis (whooping cough).
  • The Children’s Kit that at is required for this program has all the necessary remedies.  They are easy to administered as tiny pills for infants and children.
  • Homeopathic remedies are dosed in water for young infants who are breastfeeding and not yet on solids, otherwise they are dosed as tiny pills that easily dissolve in the mouth on contact.
  • Each homeopathic remedy used is a small pill that has been embedded with the energy of the highly diluted substance that is made from the disease itself, through a series of dilutions and potentizations.

Immunity Boosting Program For Children

  • The Children’s Program dosing schedule proceeds to boost immunity to each of the main 10 infectious childhood diseases, on a specific dosing schedule.
  • Dosing requires different potencies of each remedy and the tracking and timing of the doses is  done at home, by the parents  for their child, under supervision and support of a Certified Practitioner.
  • The Children’s Program has been researched over 15 years and is comprehensively designed to gently and steadily educate and stimulate a child’s the immune system so that it becomes stronger and more capable of dealing effectively with infectious diseases, if exposed.
  • The required remedy kits are available  only for enrolled clients only who must be supervised by a Certified Practitioner.
Immunity Boosting Experts - Homeoprophylaxis Programs For Children and Adults

Immunity Boosting Experts – Homeoprophylaxis Programs For Children and Adults

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